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Composer |
Choir Conductor
Laura Marconi
Composer | Choir Conductor

And what is the purpose of writing music?
One is, of course, not dealing with purposes but dealing with sounds.
Or the answer must take the form of paradox:
a purposeful purposelessness or a purposeless play.

John Cage


June 22 2022 | Bakekujira

World première – Bakekujira for string quartet | Wandsworth Street Concerts WSC 2022 | St Anne’s Churchyard, Wandsworth, England | Medea String Quartet: Mira Marton, violin / Clara Mezzanatto, violin / Joanna Patrick, viola / Ada Guarnieri, cello

June 4 2022 | Lettere a Izanami

Lettere a Izanami for mezzosoprano solo | Salotto in Prova | Via Enrico Caviglia 5, 20139 Milan, Italy | Akiko Kozato

May 21 2022 | Die Wacht am Rhein

Uraufführung – Die Wacht am Rhein, das ist der Titel für Chor a cappella | Marktmusik in der Maxkirche | Schulstraße 15, 40213 Düsseldorf | Junger Kammerchor Düsseldorf

May 15 2022 | Workshop with Elisa Di Dio and Trio Trigal

Barbara Saal, Becherstrasse 25, 40476 Düsseldorf | Workshop on Italian Folk Music with Elisa Di Dio and Trio Trigal
Hosted by Italia Altrove e.V.

May 14 2022 | Concert of Trio Trigal

Barbara Saal, Becherstrasse 25, 40476 Düsseldorf | Giancarlo Zedde, accordeon / Angelo Palma, guitar / Elisa Di Dio, voice and percussion | Hosted by Italia Altrove e.V. | For tickets please contact info@italia-altrove.com



According to an ancient Japanese legend, the shadows on the moon are actually an apparition of a monster called Katsuraotoko (the man of Katsura)


Allumée dans ton coeur,
au chant
des violons, la danse macabre:
ses yeux profonds son faits de vide.

Lettere a Izanami

Lo buon maestro disse: “Omai, figliuolo,
s’appressa la città c’ha nome Dite,
coi gravi cittadin, col grande stuolo”

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  • La principessa luminosa

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